wpe2.gif (116022 bytes) Heworth is located in North Eastern England near Gateshead
wpe4.gif (117388 bytes) Gateshead and Heworth are located just south of the Tyne river. They are in Durham County. North of the Tyne river in Northumberton County and then Scotland.
wpe6.gif (55106 bytes) North of Gateshead and the Tyne river is Newcastle upon Tyne.
nc5.jpg (158105 bytes) Heworth is located immediately east of Felling. Notice the Tyne and Wear district. It is said that the Wardle name came from Wear (Weardale).
heworth1.jpg (141518 bytes) Here you can see the village of Heworth
heworth2.jpg (79327 bytes) This picture is centered on Heworth. Notice "Wardle Gardens" at the bottom center.