After taking an overnight train from Cairo south to Luxor (Thebes) we went to the Temple of Karnak. It seems that each new king built a new temple for himself. This location had 50 acres of temples. This room was quite wide and long and had 134 of these columns that originally supported the roof.

Ted, Carol, Matthew, Brenda, and Hew

The picture below is the Temple of Ramses III and the pillars are of Osiris


This is the obelisk of Thot-Mosis I

 This is a statue of King Tut


This was our guide while in Luxor. He is showing us a picture of Queen Hatshepsut. She was the only woman king of Egypt. This is the top of the twin of the obelisk shown above.

This is the Temple of Amon-Ra, the king of the Gods. It dates to about 1400 B.C.