Nordmaling Area Map


  1. Långviken - Erik Bjurström owned a farm in this area. Erik Eriksson (Erick Holmlund) worked for him as a farmhand.

  2. Orrböle - Erik Bjurström born here in 1825. His mother, Anna Magdalena Nilsdotter, was born here in 1805. Erick Holmlund's parents, Eric Olof Johansson and Maria Helena Jonsdotter, moved their family here sometime between 1845 and 1847. They had 9 children. Maria died here in 1851. Eric Olof remarried and had 8 more children here. Eric Olof died here in 1885. Holmfors Bruk, a ironworks, is just east of Orrböle. Eric Olof, Erick Holmlund, and Johan Backstrom worked here. This may be where Erick Holmlund first meet the Backstrom family. Catharina Backstrom later became his wife in America.

  3. Torrböle - Erick Holmlund was born here in 1842. His father, Eric Olof Johansson, was born here in 1806. Erick's mother, Maria Helena Jonsdotter, was working here as a maid when she meet his father, Erik Olof Johansson. Erik Olof's father, grandfather, and great-grandfather/great-grandmother were all born here.

  4. Långed - The Johan Fredrik4 Bäckström Ånger (John F. Backstrom) family lived here before emigrating in 1868. This included John F. Backstrom, his wife Eva Johanna Davidsdotter, and children Catharina Magdalena, Johan David, and Gustav Alfred. 

  5.  Olofsfors - Olofsfors Ironworks is located here. It is one of the best preserved ironworks sites in the whole country. It has a blast furnace, a tilthammer, and a mananufacturing forge. It was built in the 1760's. The Olofsfors Ironworks built the Holmfors Bruck Ironworks near Orrböle. The company records containing family work records are located here. There is a museum here.

  6. The Church of Nordmaling is located here. It was built in the 1480's. 

  7. Gideå - The church of Gideå is located here. It was built in 1822.